Creative Tax, Financial and Investment Strategies for Business Owners

Does this sound familiar…

  • You want proactive advice to reduce taxes today AND in the future, but your CPA just “prepares” your tax return
  • You want real-time business and financial insights, but your accountant just “does the books”
  • You want to protect your family and maximize the value of your business at sale, but your insurance agent just “sells” insurance
  • You want to maximize your personal and business finances, but your investment adviser just “rebalances” your portfolio and/or tries to sell you a new financial product

The missing ingredient… coordinated advice.

I specialize in helping small business owners solve these challenges. I am just like you. For the past 20+ years I have operated a successful small-business that has pro-actively developed strategies to adapt and profit form the constant headwinds of regulatory, technological and competitive changes.

Do you want to:

  • Reduce your taxes by over 25% per year
  • Understand your true business performance by using financial data to forecast the future
  • Create or re-design your company retirement plan to provide massive tax savings to owners
  • Implement an investment strategy that may allow you to retire up to 5 years earlier
  • Have complete control over your business and personal finances
  • Have more time & freedom or create better lifestyle

Start Building Your Future

Our goal is to partner with you to clarify your goals, develop a plan, and guide you to continued success. We believe our best work is done for clients when we work together on an ongoing basis.