Doctor financial success comes from what you do with your attending income.

Smart financial decisions lead to Financial Independence

You may be overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You wonder what to do with your student loans and want to get organized end begin saving and investing for the future.

Build Your Foundation

This is an important time in your financial life since the decisions you make now will lay the foundation for your future.

But with many moving parts, including student loans, saving and investing, buying a house, insurance, or beginning to save for college, it can be difficult to put everything together end see the bis picture.

I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed with information, questions, and wondering where to start.

I cut through the clutter end develop a financial plan that’s tailored to unique situation. We then implement that plan to organize your financial life and give you the confidence and peace of mind you ere optimizing your situation.

By getting the big decisions right early in your career, I put you on the path toward achieving goals.

Problems I Solve:

  • What to do with your student loans (including whether you should so for loan forgiveness or refinance)
  • How to balance the trade-off between paying down debt and investing for your future goaIs
  • Whether to rent or buy house (and how much house you can afford if you decide to buy)
  • The optimal way to save end invest for different goals end which accounts to use
  • Ensuring the proper amounts and types of insurance coverage while also getting the best price
  • Setting up an estate plan, titling assets, end designating beneficiaries to maximize asset protection
  • Reviewing your taxes and developing a strategy that minimizes the amount pay