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Financial Strategies + Software Solution to the College Funding Crisis.

We have developed a unique planning process to ensure that students graduate with manageable student-loan debt. By reverse engineering the financial aid process through the knowledge of a CPA & CFP® professional, we have created “The Shore College Funding Solution”. Parents and students now have all the information, tools, and resources they need to plan and save on the cost of college. Shore College Planning offers personal financial planning specifically designed to reduce you out-of-pocket costs.

Dean’s List
Dean’s List

1-On-1 Personal Financial Training Session with software included. Learn strategies and a process designed to cut the cost of college.

  • Assess your financial aid status
  • Determine your family’s college funding budget for ALL four years of college.
  • Learn how to graduate in four years with manageable student-loan debt.
  • Receive software to easily compare and determine college affordability.
  • Learn a unique process of merit awards, and school selection strategies

ALL the information, tools, and resources you will need to save on your out-of-pocket college costs.

$500 ALL-IN COST via web conference or office meeting.
Cum Laude
Cum Laude

Have your college funding plan prepared by a CPA & CFP® professional who specializes in reducing out-of-pocket college costs. Personal Financial Training Plan (Dean’s List) PLUS personalized college planning advice which includes:

  • Prepare your 4 year College Funding Plan
  • Determine maximum amount of advisable student loan debt
  • Advise on the most efficient student-loan options
  • Detailed Financial Aid eligibility in terms of EFC for FAFSA, CSS, & IM methods.
  • Analyze Top-10 college choices in terms of affordability, earnings capacity, and loan repayment schedules
  • Generate Comprehensive Institutional Scholarship list for your Top-10 School list
  • Provide individual strategies, based on your financial & student-positioning

Magna Cum Laude
Magna Cum Laude

ALL-INCLUSIVE approach, where with your fee, you can meet or speak to me as often as necessary to help you make important decisions and accomplish your financial goals regarding the college admission process. Realize PEACE OF MIND that ALL your college planning decisions are covered by a CPA, and CFP® pro.

The Magna Cum Laude plan includes all of the services of the “Cum Laude” plan, PLUS your trusted fiduciary to guide you through the admission process focused on reducing your out of pocket college costs, including:

  • Prepare for the cost of college. (advise on specific strategies)
  • Assist with applying for admissions and scholarships.
  • Assist with applying for financial aid
  • Analyze and appeal financial aid award letters
  • Evaluate lending options to cover any shortfalls.


Learn How to Pay for all of your Children’s College Education Down to the Penny!

We have reverse engineered the process to help families like yours. We’ll start by figuring out how to pay for college without robbing your retirement, and support your plan with a smart investment strategy.

Our process – equal parts financial therapy and financial planning – eliminates the stress and anxiety surrounding college funding.

We don’t have silver bullets. We don’t offer magic formulas. We just act as your guide and provide you with a personalized plan that will show you exactly how to pay for all four years of college down to the penny.

There are many different options that may seem confusing to save for your children’s college costs.

Coverdell accounts, 529 plans, penalty-free IRA withdrawls, scholarships, grant programs, subsidized and unsubsidized student loans, and savings bonds to name a few. We will advise you in the most tax-efficient manner to send you children to college while achieving your long-term financial planning goals.

Comprehensive College Funding Plan
  • Financial Aid analysis
  • Maximize aid with EFC reduction strategies
  • Tax Aid
  • College Selection
  • Student Positioning
  • FAFSA vs. CSS Profile
  • % of need met
  • Merit Scholarships
  • Merit Scholarships availability
  • Personal resource planning
  • Cash Flow maximization
  • Education needs analysis
  • Education savings vehicles
  • Gift/income tax strategies
  • Education financing = Smart College Lending Strategy

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