Cash Flow & Record Keeping

Are your Current Spending and Savings Patterns Going to Provide the Means Necessary to Reach your Goals?

Would you Like to Take Control of your Financial Life, And the “Piles” of Financial Records in one Organized System?

Deciding in advance how you will spend your money ensures you are making regular progress toward financial independence and keeps your plan on track. If you are dealing with debt and spending issues, I will help you set priorities and gain control over your money. I will help you understand the difference between good and bad debt, make sure you have enough set aside for emergencies and special opportunities, and, if needed, help you gain control over your spending.

Together we will implement a simple, convenient and effective record keeping system that will help you manage all of your burdensome paperwork in one convenient, organized approach. Having a good record keeping system benefits you by:

  • Optimize capturing all available tax deductions.
  • Protecting you in case of an audit ensuring that you will have (and be able to find) the necessary tax return back-up documentation
  • Helping someone else easily find important documents in the case of your incapacity
  • Avoiding “lost” accounts, lapsed insurance policies, or other financial oversights
  • Increasing your peace of mind by knowing you are controlling important paperwork instead of it controlling you
  • Minimize the amount of time you need to spend on the administrative details of life.