Financial Planning for Healthcare Professionals

“I take care of those who take care of others.”

Healthcare professionals often struggle with unique financial challenges. The cost of education is extremely high, meaning most enter their profession with a sizable amount of debt and a negative net worth.

You may be highly compensated once you finish your training, but how will you balance student debt repayments with contributions to your retirement accounts?

And how can you maximize the advantage of tax deferred savings and other wealth accumulation strategies while minimizing income taxes?

I help medical professionals navigate these financial challenges throughout their careers. Rather than spend their time mastering the finer points of personal finance, our guidance can provide more time to pursue other passions or hobbies and enjoy their families.

I understand the cost of running a practice, medical student loan debt, and how to assess the particular risks you face as a physician. We evaluate your wealth holistically and we can address many of the questions you may have about timing, paying off debt, insurance requirements and planning for your future.

I have helped many physician clients define, implement, and execute a long-term wealth plan that is unique to every individuals circumstances. While many advisors claim to understand the planning needs of the medical community.

Managing risk, debt, and knowing your options

You are an expert in your field. You should not expect yourself to also be an expert in wealth planning. With a constant barrage of advisors seeking your business, it is overwhelming and frustrating to find an advisor who understands your needs as a physician.

Most financial professionals believe that financial products solve problems. This commission-based approach is the equivalent of medical malpractice!


As a fiduciary, fee-only, tax-focused financial advisor I provide solutions in your best interest at all times.


The goal at Shore Financial Planning is to take care of you while you take care of your patients. I am accessible when you are – in the evenings after you get your kids to bed, during your commute home, or in between patients. I am your on-call primary care financial specialist for all of your financial needs.

Expert Financial Advice For Medical Professionals At All Career Stages

Shore Financial Planning is here to help you take on the unique financial challenges you face as a healthcare professional, no matter where you are in your career in medicine. While financial planning is a lifetime process, certain financial solutions for doctors will become more urgent as you move through your career.

Your patients trust you with their health, our clients trust us with their finances. Just like you, I take a comprehensive approach to providing financial care. Throughout the financial planning process, I will take everything into account to identify where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Working together in an ongoing relationship will allow me to be an accountability partner for you. It will ensure that you receive continual care, and that the informed decisions you make will get implemented and updated when necessary.

When life throws you a curveball, it also means you’ve got a financial expert who’s on-call to help you navigate your way.

Shore Financial Planning creates customized financial, tax and investment strategies to help you build wealth.

Why Hire Shore Financial Planning?

If you needed heart surgery, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner to perform the surgery would you? It’s no different in taking care of your finances. You need a tax-focused financial specialist who understands YOUR needs and lifestyle. And this is where I can help. I understand the unique challenges medical professionals face with their finances. I’ve been pro-actively developing strategies for professionals just like you for 20+ years.

When you hire me I will:

– help you make a plan to protect your wealth now and help you plan for the future.
– find the best investments that align with your goals and values.
– find the best ways to reduce your taxes today and in the future on your investments and income.

I know you’re a busy medical professional who works hard. You no longer have to worry about your financial goals. Take advantage of my FREE Financial Assessment where I’ll give you actionable strategies that you can use right away to help you reach your financial goals.

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