Why Insurance Is NOT an Investment

When you buy life insurance, there are essentially two types: term and permanent. Term life insurance is very simple. You pay a (typically) small premium for financial protection that lasts a specific amount of time, typically 10-30 years. It is pure insurance. The only potential benefit is the payout upon death. And in my opinion, […]


If you’re in the market for a financial advisor, you might come across people with titles as confusing as “certified retirement plan consultant”,“chartered college planning specialist” or “retirement management analyst.” After all, financial advisors depend on convincing clients of their reputation. As a result, there are over 50 different job titles to describe people who […]

“REAL” Financial Advice is about your “WHY”

You’ve got an unconscious program running in the deepest recesses of your brain that’s telling you what to think, feel, and do with money. Very few people control it or know how to harness it to achieve their goals. (In a moment, I’ll tell you how you can.) People think financial advice is all about […]


As a fee-only financial advisor, I am a firm believer in the fiduciary standard. It’s something that is tighten woven into my fiber and is a cornerstone of my fee-only financial planning practice. It’s the only way I will practice financial planning. I suppose some of you may not be aware of the fiduciary standard […]

Financial Independence: Redefining Retirement

What are you saving and investing for? Why are you working so hard to save money and put it into special accounts like 401(k)s and IRAs? Why should you divide that money between stocks, bonds and other “investments” you’ve never actually touched or even seen with your own eyes? What are you really trying to […]

The BEST Solution to Personal Financial Wealth Management

Holistic and Fee-Only I chose to be a holistic financial planner who charges on a fee-only basis. The holistic part means I work with my clients on all aspects of their financial situation including retirement planning, portfolio analysis and investment planning including specific strategies and recommendations, insurance planning, estate planning, budgeting and cash flow, tax […]

Control What Is Within YOUR Control

There is much more to financial planning than standing by watching the market go up and down every day. In fact, if we are keeping our financial house in order, then the market does not seem so scary. Research tells us that over time, if we properly allocate our investments to align with our goals […]

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