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Your patients trust you with their health, my clients trust me with their finances.
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Residents & Fellows

" Student Loan Repayment Strategy "

If you are a resident, or about to become one, you need to figure out your student loan management plan during residency.

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Early Career Physicians

" Breaking Through "

After finishing training, you may be overwhelmed and unsure where to start with financial planning. From student loans to getting organized to minimizing and filing taxes to starting to save & invest for your future.

Mid-Career Physicians

" Wealth Accumulation "

Assets are accumulating, demands on your time are increasing, and you need a clear strategy to ensure that you are making the right decisions for your financial plan.

Tax-Focused, Comprehensive Financial Planning

“I take care of those who take care of others.”

Financial planning is about making smart financial decisions. Money mistakes have taken a toll over the course of many physicians’ careers and even into retirement.

Just as you wouldn’t write out a prescription or recommend a course of treatment before making a diagnosis, I don’t view my clients’ lives in a one-size-fits-all context.

I never make a recommendation without a “diagnosis”, nor do I invest your money without having an intimate understanding of your money history and concerns. And just as the patient wants to understand her doctor’s diagnosis and treatment plan, I stress education so you can participate fully in making the decisions that will help you reach financial independence.

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Financial Planning Book for Physicians

Download this free financial planning book to understand the unique challenges physicians face when managing their finances and learn useful tips for overcoming them.

Safely Navigate To Financial Independence With a Trusted Advisor

  • Reduce taxes with a trained CPA
  • Avoid costly financial mistakes with 25+ years as a financial professional
  • Protect and build wealth through objective, unbiased advice
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I provide peace of mind through conflict-free, value-added financial and tax advice.

Do You Need Financial Planning Assistance With the Following?

  1. Balancing student debt repayments with contributions to your retirement accounts
  2. Reevaluating your tax situation
  3. Maximizing the advantage of tax deferred savings and other wealth accumulation strategies while also minimizing income taxes
  4. Easing complicated financial concerns
  5. Collaborating with a financial professional dedicated to serving clients in your unique situation

Medical professionals often struggle with unique financial challenges. The cost of education is extremely high, meaning most enter their profession with a sizable amount of debt and a negative net worth.

You may be highly compensated once you finish your training, but how will you balance student debt repayments with contributions to your retirement accounts? And how can you maximize the advantage of tax deferred savings and other wealth accumulation strategies while minimizing income taxes?

I help medical professionals navigate these financial challenges throughout their careers. Rather than spend their time mastering the finer points of personal finance, our guidance can provide more time to pursue other passions or hobbies and enjoy their families.

All the pieces of your financial life are integrated.

You wouldn’t go to a doctor and expect them to provide a solution with the mention of a few symptoms would you? You would expect him to go through the paces to fully understand what is happening internally to then prescribe the right course of action.

Diagnosis without proper diagnostic can lead to deficiency, danger, or death when it comes to medical issues.

Don’t subject yourself to this same approach when it relates to your finances.