Consistently making sound find decisions is difficult

Your personal CFO for busy doctors

Plan, Protect & Prosper

Assets are accumulating, demands on your time are increasing, and you want to ensure are making the right decisions in your increasingly complex financial life.

With increasing commitments related to work and family, it can be difficult to find the time and mental energy to devote to managing finances. The stakes are also rising, as account balances have grown over the years end the complexity of your financial life is increasing.

For many people who have been doing things by themselves up to this point, it becomes increasingly appealing to have an expert who can provide professional guidance and a second set of eyes to make sure they are making all the “right” decisions. This is especially true as new issues, such as college planning, retirement planning, and making sure your investment strategy is evolving with you, come into play.

While there is no shortage of financial advice for physicians out there, the tough part is sorting out what’s useful and applying it to your unique situation. I cut through the noise and put together a plan that’s right for you.

I ease the time burden of managing your finances while giving you the confidence and peace of mind that are making the best decisions for individual situation.

Problems I Solve :

  • Helping you understand how far you are from financial independence and how to get there faster
  • Optimizing where your cash flow and savings should be directed based on your personal goals
  • Reviewing your taxes and developing a strategy to minimize the amount you pay
  • Ensuring you still have the correct types and amounts of insurance coverage
  • Understanding what you can afford (and how to fund it) if looking to buy new home
  • Developing a college funding strategy to save end invest for your children’s education
  • Reviewing and updating estate plan to ensure that it remains optimal
  • Organizing and tracking the many moving parts of your financial life
  • Navigating the ups and downs of the markets and avoiding common investment mistakes